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Para-Plus Translations, Inc. offers translation and interpretation services for all European languages and all the world's major languages. If the language you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us. We work hard to ensure that we are always meeting our client's needs with regard to language services.

Some frequently requested languages include:

Afrikaans Ga Norwegian
Akan Georgian Pashto
Albanian German Persian
Amharic Greek Polish
Amoy Gujarati Portuguese
Arabic Haitian Creole Pular
Aramaic Hausa Punjabi
Armenian Hebrew Romanian
Bambara Hindi Russian
Belarusian Hmong Sanskrit
Bengali Hungarian Serbian
Berber Ibanag Serbo-Croatian
Bikol Icelandic Sicilian
Bosnian Igbo Sign Language
Braille Ilocano Sindhi
Bulgarian Indonesian Slovak
Burmese Iranian Somali
Cambodian Italian Sosso
Cantonese Jamaican Patois Spanish
Castilian Japanese Swahili
Catalan Khmer Swedish
Cebuano Korean Tagalog
Chinese Krio Taishanese
Creole Kurdish Taiwanese
Croatian Laotian Tamil
Czech Latin Thai
Danish Latvian Tigre
Dari Lebanese Tigrinya
Dioula Lithuanian Turkish
Dutch Luhya Twi
English Macedonian Ukrainian
Estonian Malay Urdu
Fante Malayalam Uzbek
Farsi Malinke Vietnamese
Filipino Mandarin Visayan
Finnish Mandingo Yiddish
Flemish Marathi Yoruba
French Mawukakan  
French Creole Moldavian  
Fukienese Mongolian  
Fulani Navajo (Dene)  
Fuzhou Nepali  
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