Para-Plus Translations, Inc.
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Para-Plus Translations works with language translators and interpreters in the United States and abroad, to provide high-quality, culturally accurate and localized language services. Do you have certifications in interpretation or translation? Are you an experienced interpreter or translator, transcriber or sign language interpreter? If so, Para-Plus Translations is interested in working with you.

For more than 30 years, Para-Plus Translations has helped clients around the world better communicate and form strong, lasting relationships.

We provide premier in-person, multimedia, voice-over, remote, over-the-phone and video translation, interpretation and transcription services in more than 100 languages, as well as sign language and Braille. Our linguistic experts also provide conference language services, desktop publishing, document translation, multilingual typesetting, subtitling and website localization.  We work with some of the best linguistic experts in the industry to ensure that the work product meets grammatical and idiomatic correctness and cultural accuracy.

Linguists are chosen for specific projects according to their certifications and experience, rates and areas of expertise. We are always accepting applications from freelance translators and interpreters in all languages.

If you are interested in becoming a translator or interpreter, or are a student interested in language services, see our Resources/FAQs for more information.

See the submission form below to send your resume and credentials to our management team. We look forward to speaking to you!

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